Questions & Answers

Straight Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Way Pizza's Franchise Program

Franchising is the best business method yet devised to combine the independence and initiative of individual ownership with the strength and leadership of the organized group. For that reason, we at Best Way Pizza strongly believe in the future of franchising. We pledge to do everything in our power to live up to franchising's high standards and purposes. This means doing all we can to help you succeed.
However, we recognize, as you must, that you are the single most important ingredient in your own success. You must be prepared to make the sacrifices successful business people have made through the ages. If you are willing to do this, we invite you to join our program and share our goals of growth and success.


Q1. How Can I Obtain A Best Way Franchise?

A1. Fill out and submit the Get Acquainted Form. If you qualify, we can begin the process leading to your own Best Way Pizza franchise operation.

Q2. What Will The Franchise Cost?

A2. You need approximately $197,750 - $254, 250 which breaks down as follows:

  • Initial Franchise Fee $20,000
  • Opening Inventory $6,000-$8,000
  • Equipment $95,000-$110,000
  • Leasehold Improvements $40,000-$60,000
  • Deposits, Working Capital, Insurance, etc $26,500- $41,000
  • Other $10,250-$15,250
  • TOTAL FRANCHISE PRICE: $197,750 - $ 254,250

Q3. Do You Offer A Finance Program?

A3. We can assist you in finding outside financing for your equipment package and leasehold improvement or construction costs for a period of five years at prevailing interest rates. However, each franchisee is welcome to arrange his own financing.

Q4. How Long Does My Franchise Last?

A4. The initial term is 10 years after which you may renew for two additional 5-year terms subject to the then current franchise terms with no additional franchise fee charge.

Q5. What Is The Charge For The Continuing Service And Royalty Fee?

A5. $650 per month

Q6. Am I Given Any Territorial Protection?

A6. Yes. We will mutually establish a territory that is appropriate for the market conditions and population density within which you will have exclusive rights.

Q7. Do I Receive Training From Best Way Pizza?

A7. Yes. You must attend and successfully complete a training program at company facilities. The cost of this training is included in your initial franchise fee. However, you are responsible for the costs of your transportation, lodging, and meals.

Q8. Do I Receive Assistance In Opening My Franchise Business?

A8. Yes. In addition to your initial training period, two Operations Specialists will work with you during your first two weeks of operation.

Q9. What Form Of Continuing Operational Guidance Will I Receive?

A9. First of all, you will receive a Best Way Pizza Operations Manual covering the many important facets of your business. As the manual is updated, revisions will be made available to you. Periodically, you will receive company bulletins containing useful management information and important happenings. A continuous advisory service will be available on all promotional, operational and business problems, as well as field and technical assistance.

Q10. Do I Receive Guidance On The Purchase Of Food Products?

A10. Yes. Our Operations Department researches suppliers based on their ability to provide products that equal or exceed our specifications and high quality standards, in sufficient volume, at the lowest competitive prices, and recommends these sources for your use.

Q11. What About Advertising?

A11. Each Best Way Pizza operation contributes $300 per month to Best Way Pizza's advertising and promotion program for ad development and media placement.

Q12. Can I Sell My Best Way Pizza Franchise?

A12. Yes. Like any other business, you can sell your operation to any buyer approved by the home office. There is a transfer fee for administrative, legal and training purposes to effect the transfer.  If requested, we will offer your operation for sale, for a sales fee.

Q13. How Soon Can I Be In Operation Once I Have Been Accepted As A Franchisee?

A13. Since you need a suitable location prior to beginning training, we would estimate that you could be in operation within 6-12 months of signing the Franchise Agreement.

Meet Our Franchisees

Here's what franchisees have to say about the Best Way Pizza franchise opportunity:

James Peters - Owner, Best Way Pizza McKee and Best Way Pizza Duncansville

20 years of food service experience, 15 years Best Way Pizza owner

"I was pleased to find a franchise that is family owned and operated. This pizza franchise has been consistently duplicated through each store opening. I was excited to find a pizza franchise that was different. Unique to Best Way Pizza is the drive-thru for customer convenience. As a franchise owner, I have been included in franchise developments and advertising ideas. My thoughts and opinions have been encouraged. 

I attribute my success and leadership to the support and resources the franchise has offered me. The staff at the corporate office is available for help and guidance when anything arises.

Best Way Pizza is a family oriented restaurant. I share the same belief as Best Way Pizza Corporate, to be involved and in touch with the community. We sponsor local softball leagues and donate to area schools and churches. My restaurant has become part of the local area. We know all of our customers. We strive to be fast, fresh, and friendly!"

Dennis Pennabaker - Bedford, PA (Best Way Pizza Franchise Owner)

"I have been in the food industry for almost 20 years, and I have found that Best Way Pizza is the ideal fit for my business goals. Best Way's corporate office has provided me with the tools to make my restaurant a success. Their training techniques and marketing support has a proven system. Within their marketing and advertising, I have to say where my money is being spent in my region and also Best Way's corporate franchise personnel aid me in having solid day to day operations.

The franchise reduced my risk of starting my own business with their 40+ years experience and commitment for success. Best Way's concept is easy to learn, teach, and adopt across stores. Having great product is the key to bringing customers in the door, and as a pizza lover this is a great pizza at affordable family prices.

Best Way has a strong brand recognition with our square cut pies, single slice purchases and our quick and easy drive-thru."

Kevin Bush - Owner/Operator (25 Years at Best Way)

"I was the first franchisee over 25 years ago. The company has grown a lot since I started, which is a good thing for me because the more stores that continue to open in the future will help get our name out there and continue to help our business.

When I first started, the company trained me on all procedures when making the pizza. At corporate meetings we have added new items to our menu after trying them in some stores and being successful. They are not afraid to listen to new product ideas and your comments about the business and advertising.

They helped me get started from location to equipment and financing. My business is helped by secret shoppers coming in and evaluating my business so that I can improve my day to day procedures.

I have worked for a large fast food company in the past and moved to this franchise and I like it much better. Your are one on one with this company and if you have a problem, it is addressed and not just pushed under the table.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Best Way Pizza, 814-941-2378."


Your Own Business With Our Support

Your Own Business With Our Support

Best Way Pizza wants you to succeed and share with us in the rewards that come from being a part of our successful chain. You will enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur while receiving our support. We will help you develop your operation into a profitable, money-making business.

Your Own Business With Our Support

  • You will receive a comprehensive operations manual that shows recipes and preparations guidelines, defines policies, describes procedures, and offers instruction for operating your business. It serves as a training tool as well as an ongoing reference source.
  • You will receive an intensive three-week training course that covers all aspects of managing a Best Way Pizza. You will receive on-site training on how the system works and practice the skills necessary to operate and manage a Best Way franchise.
  • Our staff will help you with your pre-opening and opening. They reinforce the skills you have learned in the training program.
  • You will receive the aid of seasoned experts to help you successfully launch your new business - approve a site, getting started, hiring and training your staff, delivering excellent customer service, record keeping, advertising and promoting, and operating business daily.
  • You will receive ongoing support in helping you operate profitably and assist you in maintaining overall operating quality, cost controls, sound management, and customer satisfaction.
  • With our drive-thru windows and conveyor ovens, you will be able to serve your customers faster.
  • Your operating costs will be kept to a minimum:

    • As a member of a franchised buying group, you will receive economies using the purchasing power of the chain not available to independent owners.
    • You will have one of the lowest royalties and advertising costs of any pizza franchise.
    • Your smaller market locations will offer you lower rent and lower labor costs, adding up to a low break-even point and higher profits.

The elements are in place for you to benefit from our concept and system and from a management team that offers a proven formula for operating a successful pizza business.


Great Products In An Ideal Location

Your "Small Town" Taste

Your dough is made from scratch. You offer your customers a special blend of cheeses and Best Way custom pizza sauce. You are giving your customers what they demand: 100% fresh, 100% delicious, a great value, and speed and service with our drive-thru windows and conveyor ovens.

High Quality And High Margins

Your pizza is made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. You can offer a clearly superior product with "made from scratch" menu items without cutting into your profit margin. Your customers get more for less. How does this work?
Location is key! Your Best Way Pizza franchise will be located in a small to mid-sized market that features:

  • Minimum Space Requirement - Your restaurant is designed for maximum efficiency with a drive-thru window. You can run a successful, profitable operation with minimum space and therefore lower rents. This greatly reduces your fixed operating costs.
  • Little or No Competition - In most cases you will have limited competition and most likely be the only pizza store offering a drive-thru. This puts you in strong position to price aggressively to gain and hold market share.
  • Low Labor Costs - A small community with few employment opportunities for young/unskilled labor and a strong work ethic will welcome new jobs.

Your smaller market location and freshly made products can produce customer loyalty, lower costs, and outstanding profit margins.

Your menu is designed to keep you busy throughout the day. Hot and cold subs, salads, squarebolis, custom square pies. Whatever the time of day -- lunch, dinner, or late evening - pizza and subs are the favorite choices.
Your customers will try your products because they are a great deal. And they will keep coming back because of the great taste. When you give customers what they want, they are willing to pay for it.
Why Choose Our Franchise

When you join Best Way Pizza, you are joining a winning team with over 50 years of experience in operating a successful pizza business. Our proven concept and system has profitably supported our program over the last 25+ years.

You do not need previous food service experience in order to be an effective owner of a Best Way Pizza restaurant. Just ask any of our franchisees. We are with you every step of the way. Help is never more than a phone call away. All you need is a desire to own your own business and a willingness to follow a proven program.

You become your own boss, and you will benefit from our knowledge, extensive experience, skill in all aspects of the business, and our readiness to assist you at all times. The time to invest in yourself, your own business, and your chance for financial independence is now.

If you are looking for freedom, opportunity, and excellent earnings potential, Best Way Pizza is right for you. You now have an exciting opportunity to be part of our expanding franchise.